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Why Maintaned Nursery Schools Really Matter:

Why Maintained Nursery Schools really matter

We employ Nursery teachers and highly qualified specialist early years staff.

We deliver high quality teaching and learning for all children, every day.

We offer a responsive, inclusive environment and welcome all children.

Children are at the heart of everything we do.

Nursery schools provide the best foundation for school and lifelong learning.

We value outdoor learning as an essential part of our curriculum – strengthening muscles and minds.

We integrate education, care, health and other services to support all aspects of a child’s development.

Nationally 69% of nursery schools are outstanding and 96% are good or outstanding – the most successful type of school.

We share our expertise with other early years education and childcare providers, so that all children benefit.

Every £1 spent on high quality nursery education saves the government £7 in the future.

64% of maintained nursery schools are in the 30% most deprived areas of the country.

Maintained Nursery Schools are under threat. Only 400 remain and we face continual uncertainty about our future.

We give priority in our admissions to disadvantaged children with special educational needs and disabilities and we have the skills and expertise to support them.

Nursery Schools really matter.                          Early Education