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Early Years Pupil Premium

The pupil premium grant is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.

Highfield Nursery School - Early Years Pupil Premium Provision 2018-2019

Early Years Pupil Premium is worth up to £302.10 per year per eligible child.


Financial year

Academic year


Summer 2018

Autumn 2018

Spring 2019

Summer 2019

Actual funding £6129

1/4/18-31/3/19 Financial year 18/19





No of eligible children





Forest school

Consultant Forest School Leader (VH)

1 x Teacher – Forest schools leader (SH)

Total £3678

Academic year 2017-2018

Artist £200 supporting access to creative curriculum

Forest School provision inlc 4 workshops for parents

External & internal training sessions & resourcing for

Early Talk Boost intervention programme for roll out 2018-2019.

Children make good progress relative to starting points

Autumn 2018

6 x ½ days

(VH) £100 x 6 = £600

(SH) £113 x 6 = £678


Spring 2019

Summer 2019

10 x 2 days

VH x 10 £240 = £2400

Early Talk Boost 10 week programme

Assessment time costs 1 x Teacher (SK WellComm 1-1 assessment x 2) £258 per day)

10 week programme across 3 terms x 2 delivered by TAs 3 x 20 mins per week small groups and preparation time

Total £1500


Approximate cost   60 small group sessions


Cooked meal provided cost per meal £1:65

Free educational visits

Total £3741                 Overall total £8919


Approximate costs= 3 blocked days x weekly meals for 20 children for 3 terms £3861

2 x (parent & child) visit to farm = £60

Identified areas of development.   PSED



Impact and evidence sources

Forest School

Activities to engage children’s interests and children will concentrate and persist for extended periods of time

Children to gain confidence by trying new activities and gaining new skills including high risk activities such as using real tools and cooking on a fire.

Opportunities for teamwork and development of social skills through working together to create an item / solve problem

Feel pride in own achievements

Shows willingness to tackle problems

Develops an understanding of risks and the rules and the boundaries in place for safety.

Forest School

Develops conversational skills in a practical context.

Encourages social talk such as negotiation and planning.

Use of language to think through problems/ activities.

Potential for mark making / writing using sticks.

Forest School

Uses their body to move around freely and develops an awareness of personal space

Engages in activities requiring hand and eye


Develop fine motor and gross motor skills.

To develop understanding of safety measures.

Children make good progress relative to starting points

Documentary record books

Observation by HT and external observer June 2019

Early Talk Boost CL

Attention and listening as a foundation skill for speaking and listening

Developing vocabulary; as research shows that children with weaker vocabularies are at risk of difficulties with reading.

Building sentences; putting words together is a vital skill for having conversations and telling stories

Cooked schools meal PSED/PD

Readiness for learning

Self-help & independence skills

Educational visits access


Increase range of experiences beyond school with parents & peers

Children make good progress relative to starting points

Regular access to small group sessions boosted children’s opportunities for interactions with an adult at group time.

Increased readiness for learning if well-nourished , independence skills – ability to use cutlery to eat range of food supports transition to school

Parents and their children accessed   a range of trips

Impact 2018-2019


2019-2020 Action

Continue as above


EYPP children make at least good progress from low starting points and are narrowing the gap on peers in the prime areas

Forest School provision from T2.2 onwards at Dyson

Small group experiences for all EYPP children. Embed Tales tool kit and Early talk boost


 During the financial year 2017-2018 we used our allocation to enhance our creative curriculum using artists to support learning in different media and materials (clay and textiles/ large scale loose parts/recycled materials) and enabled children to access educational visits.

During the financial year 2016-2017 we received £4706 as our Pupil Premium grant allocation. Expenditure enhanced our creative curriculum in clay, cooking and movement & dance.

During the financial year 2015-2016 we received £5223 as our Pupil Premium grant allocation. We used this funding to enhance our creative curriculum working with creative partners in order to develop learning opportunities for the children who needed it most. Expenditure enhanced our creative curriculum in clay, cooking and movement & dance.