Beach and Water Safety - Keep your Family SAFE

Learn the code:

SPOT Spot the dangers

ADVCE Follow safety signs and advice 

FRIEND Always go with friend or family

EMERGENCY Shout for help and call 999


  • Make sure the water is not too shallow or too deep
  • Never jump off cliffs into the water
  • Take care in the sun - it can take you as little as an hour to burn
  • Don't ignore the danger signs
  • Never swim when a red flag is flying
  • Don't swim near pipes and rocks
  • Beware of currents - they can carry you out to sea
  • Alcohol limits your ability to swim
  • Don't use inflatables in the sea if it's windy
  • Red and yellow flags mean lifeguards and supervised swimming
  • Listen to what the lifeguard tells you
  • Keep an eye on children. Don't let them wander off

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